Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure – Review

There were a couple of Kinect games years ago that featured both Disney and Pixar. The first one was Disneyland Adventures which we reviewed a few days ago and then there was Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure. In Rush there are six different worlds for you to play in from six different Pixar and Disney franchises. The first world is from the Cars franchise with Up, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Finding Dory being the other universes that you can visit. Each different world has gameplay experiences based on that franchise. The Cars franchise, for example, has you driving while Finding Dory has you swimming and going through the reef. It is a pretty nice package for the younger audience or if you are simply a big Disney and Pixar fan.

Each world has three missions to complete. Once you complete a mission you aren’t finished though as you can go back and unlock items, abilities, goals and hidden areas. You also need to try and get the highest score you possibly can to try and earn platinum medals. At first all I was able to get was silver medals but after I unlocked some abilities and got to know the missions I was able to begin earning the gold and platinum medals. There are achievements tied to these medals so if you are trying to give your gamerscore a nice bump you will want to try and do everything here.

Each world in the game is a great representation of their respective franchise. In the Cars world I have to try and chase someone down on a highway to remove a bomb they don’t even know is there and then in the next mission follow a convoy to try and figure out where the bombs are coming from. Along the way I earn a couple of skills and abilities so that my car can shoot missiles and open up hidden areas as well as the ability to have a boost in power so I can launch myself off ramps and crash through billboards or get some coins that are floating in mid-air. If you use your missiles to go through those aforementioned hidden areas you will also get the chance to collect Lighting McQueen coins. If you collect all of them then you will be able to play as Lightning McQueen in the Cars missions and there is an achievement for playing through all of the Cars missions as Lightning.

In Up you need to chase down the house before it gets away while dodging obstacles as well as free some of your friends and then go on a canyon expedition where you will have to fight against and try to take down this big airship that is wreaking havoc. In Toy Story you have to rush to get a stuffed animal that was left behind back to its owner before she realizes it is missing and you do that by going through a day care center, an airport and more. In the missions for The Incredibles you need to save Metroville and take out the remaining Omnidroids before they cause even more damage than they already have. In Ratatouille you have to race across rooftops and through the sewer, as well as through a kitchen as you try and help your friend and the kitchen out so that they don’t get shut down. Finally, in Finding Dory, you will get a chance to swim through the coral reef as well as the Marine Life Institute. All of the different franchises are represented really nicely here and I definitely had fun going through each one.

Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure is definitely aimed at younger audiences but honestly, if you are a fan of Disney and/or Pixar then you should enjoy this collection. The game is fairly simplistic but is a great palette cleanser from some of the super violent games that have also just been released. This is a great title to play with your kids as they will no doubt get a kick out of driving as Lightning McQueen, swimming through the Coral Reef as Dory, going through the Toy Story adventures as Buzz Lightyear and more. This title is also in the budget price range so it won’t be hard on your wallet either. If you are someone who likes chasing gamerscore then the 1,000 points here should be fairly easy to come play. There is a little bit of work to be done but you should be able to unlock all of the achievements without too much trouble. If you are a fan of either Disney and/or Pixar you should definitely check out this title.

Score: 7/10
Originally posted on Gaming Target

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