Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Review

The Toy Soldiers are back and it is time to take on the Russians. You are back in the Cold War and trying to prevent the Russians from invading and taking over other countries. As you progress through the campaign you will have to defend a variety of different locales. The way it is presented is pretty unique in that it is almost like you are fighting in a toy box with the back drop of real world locations. A lot of kids played with those tiny plastic toy soldiers when they were young and you basically get to do that again in this game. What’s interesting here is the mixture of a tower defense game with an action game. You have to build up and maintain your units, however, you can jump on to one of those units at any time to directly engage the enemy. There were many times when I jumped on one of my machine gun turrets to wipe out the upcoming rush of enemy soldiers. Your enemy also has various turrets set up and, if you choose to do so, you can try and wipe those out and claim them as your own. My favorite thing to do in that instance was jump in a tank and drive over to wipe out the enemy turrets before they could cause any damage to my camp.

As you progress in the game you will get access to better weaponry and vehicles. Your vehicles will range from a tank to a jet. Once you build your turrets you can then upgrade them so that they will be more effective. One of my favorite weapons to use was the US Anti Tank III. You will need to utilize this weapon a lot to wipe out enemy tanks and vehicles in the later stages of the campaign and you can even aim the rocket once you have fired it with the “Shell Cam”. Strategy plays a big role in this title as you have to be continually aware of the situation and how it might change in an instant. There were many times when I had a machine gun unit set up to take out enemy infantry, however, there was a wave of tanks coming so I had to quickly change it up to anti tank units. There are also two different viewpoints that you can utilize with a zoomed out view so you can see more of the battlefield as well as a zoomed in view where you are almost at ground level. Once you rack up a nice combo you have the potential of unleashing a barrage attack against your opposition. You won’t get to control which barrage attack you get but each one is helpful to you in its own way. My favorite one was when you assumed the role of a soldier and the game briefly turned into a third person shooter as you easily eliminated your enemies. You are essentially Rambo here and can easily wipe out infantry and tanks alike. This only lasts for a short amount of time but it is a great way to mix things up. As you progress you will also gain access to a variety of other advantages such as a nuclear weapon.

The campaign itself will take you a few hours to complete depending on your difficulty level. Each scenario will have objectives you need to meet as well as “decorations” to earn. These “decorations” are optional objectives to achieve ranging from upgrading any turret to earning a 100x combo. In addition to the campaign you also have versus mode where you can battle another player head to head. The action here can be pretty intense and is a whole lot of fun. You then have Survival mode and this will really test your skills and see how long you can last against endless waves of enemies. Then there are a number of mini games for you to play as well which are a whole lot of fun. You can play any of this with a friend at any time which was a great move by the development team. You also have leaderboards and they present them in a way that will keep pushing you to try and beat your friend’s high score. They also list the person who has the highest score on Xbox Live so you know always know what the top score is at any time.

Toy Soldiers Cold War is a fantastic title. There is a whole lot to do in this game and if you can get a good group of friends to play with then this title should stay in your rotation for quite a while. If you are a fan of tower defense games then you definitely need to try this out. If you enjoyed the previous Toy Soldiers title than you should love this one. If you have never played a tower defense title then this is a great place to start. I really like the twist on the genre and how you can get in the action any time you choose. That is one thing that will put this title above a bunch of the titles I have played in this genre. I had a great time going through it and will continue playing to try and better my score and surpass my friends. This type of game is a dream come true for people who grew up playing with miniature toy soldiers and imagined what it would be like to actually control them. The release schedule is going to start picking up in the near future, however, be sure not to miss out on Toy Soldiers Cold War.

Score 9/10

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