Rango – Review

In the game Rango you assume the role of the sheriff, Rango. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie you don’t need to worry about it being spoiled because the plot of the game is different from the movie’s plot. You still have all ofthe characters from the movie in the game though and you will definitely have a better knowledge of who they are if you have seen the movie first. The narrative of the game is told through flashbacks. Rango is standing in the bar telling the residents of Dirt about all of his recent adventures. Each story he tells coincides with a level you will play. It is a pretty nice idea and seems to work really well here. Rango also bucks the licensed game trend by being a really fun game. This title is obviously aimed at a younger audience and the developers did a great job at engaging the player and changing things up every so often so that you wouldn’t get too bored. With that being the case the game is really easy. I went through it on hard mode and had no problems getting through any of the levels. The achievements in the game were done really well and it does a great job of providing extra incentive to explore your environment and make sure that you haven’t missed any collectibles.

Throughout the game you are trying to chase down Bad Bill and determine what he is up to. Along the way you come across these interplanetary rocks. Bean’s dad has gone missing and Rango is convinced that these rocks will help him rescue her dad. As you progress through the story Bad Bill is throwing every obstacle he can at you. You’ll go through some different environments such as cliffs, a mobile home and more. You will also experience different gameplay mechanics from some classic platforming to rail grinding to flying and more. As you progress you will acquire a bunch of sheriff stars, which is the currency for the game. You can use these stars to level up Rango as you see fit. You can level up his health, how quickly he reloads his gun and things of that nature. It should also be noted that you have infinite ammo in Rango so you don’t have to worry about conserving ammo or trying to search for some.

Some of the achievements in this game will have you playing levels more than once. The good thing is that the game will save your progress in a level. If you only found six of the eight collectibles in a level you can go back at a later time to find the remaining two that you missed. Additionally, some of the extras are pretty cool for fans of the film. Rango has three different outfits that you can choose from for him to wear. I don’t think it has any affect on the gameplay, however, the younger audience will probably enjoy having that option. You also have character bios which fans should like as it gives you a little bit of insight into the different characters of Rango. There is also a bunch of concept art that you can look at if you are interested in that sort of thing. Rango is not an exceptionally long game as veteran gamers will probably have it beat in an evening where it might take the younger audience a bit more time to go through. This is a great family title if you are a parent who is concerned about some of the more violent titles on the market. If you are a fan of the film (or have kids that are) be sure to give this game a shot.

Score: 7.5/10

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