High Velocity Bowling – Review

High Velocity Bowling with Move support is Sony’s attempt to try and capitalize on the popularity of Wii Bowling. It succeeds with this goal and provides a deeper experience than Nintendo offers. High Velocity Bowling offers a variety of modes such as “Let’s Bowl” which is exhibition, a challenge mode, a trick shot mode and, of course, a mode to play online. The “Challenge Mode” in High Velocity Bowling acts as your career mode. After completing specific challenges you will move up to the next level of challenges where it will be a bit more difficult. Along the way you will also unlock characters, unlock new bowling balls and unlock new outfits for your character to wear. The challenges themselves range from bowling one on one against the A.I., competing in a tournament and performing some trick shots.

Obviously, at the beginning of the game, you start out with some of the weaker bowlers and some weak equipment. As you progress you get to utilize better equipment and the skills of your character will improve as well. You might get better spin on the ball or your character might have better control. Utilizing the Move controller introduces a little bit more complexity as well. It is one of those things that is easy to understand but it might take you a while to get the hang of it. You press the Move button to choose the angle the ball will head towards when you release it but it will also depend on the position of your arm. If you move the Move controller straight forward than your character will make a straight shot. However, if your arm is crooked or going across your body, then the bowling ball will most likely hook in that direction and you could end up with a gutter ball. Just like when you are bowling in real life you need to make sure that you don’t twist your arm too much when you release the bowling ball or you might give it some spin that you didn’t want it to have. Depending on the oil placement on the lane that could really hurt you and cost you that strike or spare. If you are someone that wants to try out the trick shots you also have a few to choose from, from the 7-10 Split to “Patches Pack One,” “Jill’s Totally Straight” and more.

High Velocity Bowling also features online multiplayer, however, I didn’t get much of a chance to try it out. I was only able to connect with one person because the interface was so bad. When I went online I was given a list of players that were currently online. Some of them were busy in games, some of them were “away” and things of that nature. The problem is that you are never given the status of these players. I had to click on ten people before I found one that was available. It got to be pretty frustrating and it is a big oversight by the development team. Once I did get a game going online I had fun with it and I didn’t experience any lag. It is just a shame that the developers couldn’t have made it easier to get into a game with someone. Overall, High Velocity Bowling is a pretty fun title. It will be great when you are looking for a family game to play or when you have a group of friends over and you want to show off the Move. I don’t really know many people will play the game by themselves unless they are going after the trophies. If you are at all curious I would definitely give this game a chance.

Score: 7/10

Originally posted on Totally Gaming Network

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