Get Fit With Mel B – Review

Get Fit With Mel B is one of the first fitness titles available for the Playstation Move. Going into this game I didn’t quite know what to expect but I came away happy with what I experienced. When you initially begin this game you need to create your own profile and answer some questions so that the game can build a proper workout regimen for you as well as keep tabs on your nutrition. Once you go through the initial stages you will be brought to the main menu where you have a variety of options to choose from. The development team over at Deep Silver did a tremendous job giving you choice in this title so that you wouldn’t get bored by doing the same exercises all of the time.

Once the game gets to know you, you can boot it up and, if you choose to do so, go to “Today’s Workout” where it will have a bunch of different exercises for you to do. Mel B will be there the whole time guiding you and showing you the proper way to perform the exercise they have given you. They have a number of different backgrounds for you to choose from ranging from an apartment, Central Park, an Infinity Pool and more. This change of scenery should prevent things from going stale as you can change where you are every day before you begin so you never bored with any one location. Each day your workout routine will be a little different so that you can work on different muscular areas similar to what you would do if you were working out at a gym. Before you start you can set how long you want to work out as well as your goals so that you are always working towards something. As I was going through the motions the Playstation Move seemed to pick up my movements pretty well. It seemed to miss things every once in a while but that could be due to my current set up. It’s probably not the most ideal for these types of game. With that said however I did have fun going through the exercises and the Move controller seemed to be pretty responsive. If I can offer one word of advice it would be to make sure that you are firmly gripping the controller before you do any exercises. If you don’t the controller might slip out of your hand and injure someone or something.

When you first start up you have a choice to make. You can either go through “Today’s Workout” or if you don’t want to do what they suggest then you can choose your own workout and do things that way. There is also a section where you can chart your progress to see how you are doing and how close you are to achieving the goal you have set. There is also a Nutrition category where it will give you suggestions on what to have to eat based on the goals that you have set. This was a fantastic idea by the development team because not only are they putting you through the exercises but they are giving you advice on what foods to eat too. If you were really serious about getting in better shape than this title will definitely be a great asset. Once it recommends something for your next meal it will tell you the ingredients that you need as well as how to prepare the meal. It also gives you an estimate on how long it should take to prepare this meal so you can make plans to set that aside. If you want to see what other dietary suggestions the game has then you can go into the recipe browser and see if there is anything that interests you.

Get Fit With Mel B is a great fitness title and one that will really help you if you take it seriously. I know that after going through a couple of workouts that I was a little sore the next morning which meant that I was doing it correctly. In addition to all of that this is a PlayStation 3 game and it does have trophies to get so that is even more incentive for people who care about their trophy count. With the release of PlayStation Move I am sure we are going to see an influx of fitness games similar to what we have seen on the Nintendo Wii. If you are looking to get in better shape than this is a great first step. It certainly won’t replace going to the gym but it is a fantastic supplement to any exercises that you might do there. If you are into fitness titles be sure to give this one a try. Obviously your results will vary depending on how serious you take the goals that you set for yourself in this game. If you stick with the workout program you should see your trophy count going up while getting in better shape at the same time.

Score: 9/10

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