Alien Breed Evolution: Episode 1 – Review

Alien Breed Evolution hit Xbox Live Arcade recently bringing in some old school top down action. This game is from the developer Team 17 who also make the popular series, Worms. The basic premise of this game is the ship you are on has collided with another ship and you need to figure out what happened. During the crash most of the people on the ship were killed and aliens have begun to overrun the place. As you make your way through the ship you will see light elements of survival horror with the aliens bursting through walls or coming up through the floor to try and take you out. While trying to survive you will have to deal with fires throughout the ship, malfunctioning machinery and more. The game controls similar to a twin stick shooter with you controlling your movement with the left joystick and aiming with the right. There are a few different weapons at your disposal which will help to put in some variety during combat.

One thing that I wasn’t particularly fond of was some of the backtracking that you have to do at certain points. There will be times when you need to do something on a computer only to have it malfunction so you have to find another computer to use and then come back to use the original computer. You go from waypoint to waypoint with very little to explore in between. The camera control is also on the bumpers which isn’t very intuitive, however, using the right stick for your aiming didn’t leave many options for camera control and this was probably their best option.

As you progress through the different chapters the story is told through comic style panels which can be pretty cool. There are three levels of difficulty with “Rookie”, “Veteran” and “Elite”. There is “Co-op Assault” which is probably the best way to play this game. Having a friend play with you almost always makes a game more fun, although you have to stay fairly close by to each other. You won’t be able to wander off and explore on your own. The presentation of the game is really well done with all the lighting and the particle effects in the air as you are passing by fires and things of that nature. The background also looks pretty cool as you can see a great picture of Earth if you are by a window.

Overall Alien Breed Evolution is a pretty good title on XBLA, however, it isn’t great. Your experience with this title is going to depend on how you feel about these types of games. If you like this type of game then you will probably have a lot of fun going through this title. It is the first of three planned games and they leave you on enough of a cliffhanger to get you curious about when the second game will be released. If you aren’t a fan of these types of games I don’t think this will be the title to change your mind. Like with all Xbox Live Arcade titles there is a free demo available so be sure to check it out and see what you think.

Score 7/10

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