Easy Golf Course Architect – Review

Easy Golf Course Architect

Easy Golf Course Architect is one of those fun titles in the Community Games section that you can really sink your teeth into. There is quite a bit to do and people who are creative could spend hours with this title. There are a number of different modes for everyone to experience and enjoy. If you want to play some golf there are three different difficulty modes for you to choose from. Once you pick how difficult you want it you are then presented with three courses to play on. Once you begin playing you can pick out of three different golf clubs to use, depending on the situation. You can zoom in on the action if you want or if you want a better view of the hole so you know where to aim you can also zoom out. There is also the option to put some back spin on the ball if you so choose.

This title also features both local and online multiplayer. You can choose to do a “Quick Match”, join an ongoing session or host your own session and invite your friends. Then of course you can also build your very own golf course. You get to name your course as well as each individual hole so people know it is your creation. While you are building your hole you have a wide range of options to choose from. You can put various obstacles to try and make the hole as difficult as you can or as easy as you can. You can include items such as a sand bunker, trees, a water hazard, a fairway and a lot more. Once you pick the item, for example a water hazard, then you get to pick the shape and size of the hazard. You can draw your own shapes with the analog sticks and then once you are done you can “build” that feature and admire your own work. As you are building your course there are also a couple of camera modes to choose from so you can see how your hole/course is looking from a couple of different angles. Once you are done with that you can choose whether you can to raise or lower the terrain, rotate the sky to choose the kind of backdrop you want, decide on how windy you want it, what par is and more. Once you think you have completed your hole then you can preview it to see how it actually works. You can place the ball anywhere you want on the hole to make sure everything works. Place it in a sand trap to see what happens or maybe place it next to a water hazard. It is a fairly robust editor and something you should definitely try out. Once you are completely done with your course you can choose to share it online so your friends can experience it as well. It’s a great concept as you try to outwit your friends by creating the hardest course you can.

Overall this is a tremendous community game. I highly recommend it to everyone. At the very least be sure to download the demo and give this title a shot. You don’t need to be a golf fan to enjoy the title and you don’t need to know the rules either. This is a casual golf title that everyone can enjoy. If you want you can just spend your whole time building courses for friends and families to try and beat. Be sure to give this one a try.

Score: 8/10

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