Infinite Undiscovery – Review

Infinite Undiscovery

It has been a long time coming but Square Enix has finally given Xbox360 gamers a role playing game that everyone can enjoy. Not only that but Infinite Undiscovery is an Xbox360 exclusive, so if you want to try the game out you need to have Microsoft’s latest console. You begin your journey as Capell, a young man who is trying to find himself. He is someone that hates danger for fear of getting hurt. When the time comes to help someone out he is always hesitant for this reason. Meanwhile, the Order of Chains is using these chains to try and control the moon. Using these chains they are trying to tether the moon to the planet. Each time a new chain is put down all life in that area seems to wither and die. Of course, since there is a group trying to destroy the planet, there is also a group trying to prevent that from happening. The leader of this group and Capell actually look like they are twins and that is how Capell is initially introduced into the story.

One of the key aspects of a good rpg is the combat system. Infinite Undiscovery features an action combat system where you can run right up to the enemy and engage in battle. There is no menu or option you need to select to attack. There is also no fight transition that you normally see in games like Final Fantasy. If you see an enemy on the field either run up and attack him or try to go around him if you don’t feel like engaging in a battle. Like any rpg you will upgrade your weapons and armor and things of that nature as you progress through the game. There are also special instances entitled, “Situation Bonus”. A “Situation Bonus” occurs when fulfill a special task. A couple of examples would be carrying an ally across an open field without getting hit or beating a boss in under two minutes. When you get a “Situation Bonus” your character’s stats get an extra boost, in addition to the normal experience and money you earn. For successfully getting one of my friends across the field without getting hit I was awarded an additional 500 experience points on top of everything else I earned. This could be a great way to help level up your character.

At times there might be an objective you need to complete, however Capell can’t do it for various reasons. When this occurs you can “connect” to one of your party members. Once you are connected you can then take advantage of that member’s abilities. If you need to shoot something off in the distance you can connect with Aya and use her bow and arrow to get the job done. If you need to talk to an animal you would connect with Rico as he is a beast master. The menu system is also fairly intuitive for people who play a lot of role playing games. You have your standard item screens, skill screens, equipment screens and more. There is also a creation screen where you can create unique items to help you out along your journey. In addition to that you will be carrying a flute. Different songs are available and each song will do something different. There is one song where if you play it, it will open up any secret passageways in the immediate vicinity. It should also be noted that some songs use some of your magic points while others do not. You also get to control your party, somewhat. You can issue commands like “Save MP” or to fight freely as they see fit or any of the other options that are given to you. If you see that your party’s magic is running low just tell them to “Save MP” until you can get some more. The ability to heal your team is also very easy. While you are in battle if you hit the “Y” button then one of your team members will heal your party. Everything is in real time so even when you are in the menus the game is not paused. This is another feature to make the game more challenging and definitely makes you think on where you end up stopping to look at your map.

The world seems to be pretty big and the map will fill in as you explore. For this reason it would be a wise decision to explore as much as you possibly can when you are traveling to your destination. In addition to gaining access to more of your map you will also receive the added bonus of additional experience points and money with the more battles you fight. Of course since this is an Xbox360 title there are also a bunch of achievements that you will have to earn. Some of them are really easy to get while others will make you work for your gamerscore. Achievements range from improving your skills in a particular field to completing certain tasks within the given parameters. However, with all of that being said, the game is not perfect. For some inexplicable reason, only some of the cut scenes have voice work. You might be watching a video where one of your party members is talking and then all of a sudden you will be at another one where you see a bunch of text scrolling. Some gamers might also find this title to be a little on the short side for your standard Square Enix title. You can most likely go through this title in approximately 20 hours or so.

Overall Infinite Undiscovery is a very enjoyable experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is either a Square Enix, Tri-Ace or just an role playing game fan in general. The combat is fun and for those who enjoy it, it will allow you to really micro manage your party members so you always know what they are up to. The storyline while having some cliché moments is also unique and refreshing at the same time. Now that I think about it that is a great description for this title. It does have some of the cliché elements that role playing games are known for, however, it also has moments of brilliance where you come across something fresh and compelling. Infinite Undiscovery is a great addition to the Xbox360’s ever growing library of role playing games.

Score: 9/10

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